Posted By : Saurabh Sharma & Rama Shanker Pandey
Photo By : Jaishree

If the blasts on 13th September rocked the capital city, it has shaken the Jamia Millia University too.

The Delhi serial blast has dragged the University in the spotlight. Two of its students, Mohammad Shakil, a final year student of MA Economics and Zia-ur-Rehman, a third-year student of BA (pass) were detained by the Delhi police in connection with the blasts.

This has stirred a mood of apprehension in the University. Most of the students are now feeling alienated and a sense of anger is quite evident. To quell the emotions and worries of the students, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Mushirul Hasan, addressed students at Ansari auditorium.

“For the past 88 years Jamia has faced so many troubles but every time we came up with some solution to it. The reason why we have grown exponentially from ten-twelve students to seventeen thousand students is just because we acted prudently to every challenge that came to us,” he said.

The Vice chancellor requested students not to get carried away with emotions. “This is not the time to get angry instead we all have to sit and talk, to engage in dialogue and to find ways to resolve the problem.”

On behalf of all the students and the faculty, the VC condemned the act of terrorism without any reservations. Adding further on this issue he said, “We feel extremely bad when something happens wrong with our country. But we don’t have to be defensive and keep on clearing our position to anyone. We all are proud to be Indians and we all love our nation and believe in the constitution as any other citizen does. And there is no need to prove our loyalty to anyone.”

He further commented, “For all those who criticize us on baseless issues we can only say that their criticisms will make us more secular, more liberal, and more progressive in our thoughts and deeds.”

He also criticized the media for blowing the issue out of proportion. “Whenever there are positive things happening in the University media never highlights it. But why did Jamia suddenly become the center of interest when nothing has happened in the University. Here everything is normal as it was a few days back,” he said. “This is a University and to keep the sanctity of the university is not only the responsibility of the fraternity here but also of the media. Rather than concentrating on the petty issues media should concentrate on what is happening in Gujarat, Karnataka and Orissa.”

Speaking on the issue of providing legal aid to the two accused students, he explained: “It’s the right of every citizen to get legal assistance. No one is guilty until proven so. Jamia every year spends 40-45 lakhs on court cases. So there is no point in talking of money.”

He urged the students to help him not politicize the issue. “I don’t know politics and don’t want to deal with the politicians. But if the issue gets politicized because of the behavior of the students I will disassociate myself from the fight.”

In the end he asked students to lead a normal life and start preparing for the celebrations of E-id. “I assure you that when you will come back after holidays you will feel the situation is better and everything will return to its normalcy.”