Call For Help!!

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In the wake of recent cases of molestation of north-east students in the national capital, Delhi chief minister Sheila Dixit is planning to open up three toll free help line nos. exclusively for these students. However, these people dont seem to be much happy with the move. Listen to the audio story to find out more.

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The Right and its Wrongs

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The recently passed Right to Education bill has brought twinkling hopes in the eyes of a million children. It guarantees to all children between the age of 6 to 14 yrs –free and compulsory education. But is this move enough to eradicate social issues like child labour? Can this bill actually ensure a brighter future for the underprivileged children? Listen to the audio story below to find out the wrongs of this Right.

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India will be back!!

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India will be back!

When did India last dominate the world in the field of science and technology?

It was around 1500-2000 years back.

When will this country dominate again?

The answer might not be in sight as of now, but there are signs of that day being not too far. The success of Chandrayaan mission is not an incident. In the years to come, it’s going to be a phenomenon, a trend, a process in every aspect of human endeavour including science. The successful launch of seven satellites in twenty minutes this week has only reaffirmed the belief that the claims about Chandrayaan are more than genuine. We can rest assured what G. Madhavan Nair, Chairman, ISRO, and the father of PSLV, said yesterday: “Chandrayaan was not 95% success as we anticipated earlier. It was 110% success.”

Will India be the country to lead the world to Jupiter?

Hope, this time is on our side.

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