Kashmiri Pandit's mark 20 years of exile

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14th of September was the "Kashmiri Pandit Balidaan Diwas." The exiled Kashmiri Pandit (KP) community marks this day to mourn the first assasination of a KP leader i.e. Pandit Tika Lal Taploo back in 1989. This incident triggered the violence against the KPs in the Kashmir valley that led to a mass exodus of KPs from the valley. This year the event was to mark the 20 years of exile for the KPs. And it reflects the apathy of a long-wronged community.

Ranish Hangloo and Joydeep Hazarika

Reconstructive surgery for LAP's

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Due to intensive leprosy elimination programme, rate of leprosy is now less than one per thousand people. India still has a long way to go to rehabilitate those already affected. The Government of India introduced reconstructive surgery in 2008.

Karishma Karki and Mohd Reyaz

Austerity Drive

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Austerity is the buzzword of the Indian politics right now. Austerity is living sombre life, without any ornamentation or display of wealth. In the country of parallels, rich and poor, this has become a serious issue. Let’s find out more about the austerity drive in the Indian politics.

Shilpi Batra and Karishma Karki.


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WADA being a strong body is asking too much for players’ privacy or is it leading to a continuous vigil into the lives of players throughout the year?
Under the 'whereabouts' code of World Anti Doping Agency, athletes must provide details of their whereabouts at all times. Officials are then able to turn up without prior notice and drug test the athletes. If an athlete is unavailable for the test, then it counts towards the three 'strikes' that lead to a competition ban. Is WADA's player 'whereabouts' code a positive move and the only way to catch out those athletes using performance-enhancing drugs in sport, or is it an invasive, illegal form of monitoring that breaches the personal privacy of athletes??
Shilpi Batra and Sumit Singh