MCD Takeover Issue

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As the Delhi government is in full swing to take away powers from the Municipal corporation of Delhi, we bring you an audio package?on the?probable reasons for the take over, the counter reaction from the MCD, along with the Common man's take on the?issue.?

(News Clipping Courtesy: - zeenewsonline, Times Now ; clippings extracted from youtube.com)

There seems to be no respite for the woes of women. Women have always faced discrimination from their mail counterparts from time immemorial. Incidents of domestic violence and sexual harassment at workplace or at home have always been the hallmark in the discrimination against them. So what is the reason behind this? And who is to be blamed for this, men or women themselves?

Sumit Singh,Joydeep Hazarika and Ranish Hangloo

50 More Recreation Centres

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Delhi Government funds 50 recreation centres for senior citizens and are planning to start 50 more. Reyaz and Ranish tried to find out the condition of those centers and if there is need to open more such center. Moreover, isn't recreation a luxury when a large section of poor old people do not even have a place to live or food to eat.

Mohd Reyaz and Ranish Hangloo

Crisis in Airline Sector

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In recent times, there have been many petty air mishaps/incidents.The only tragic case being the chopper crash of late Andhra CM YSR.The number of petty mishaps in this industry whether Air India, Indian Airlines or Kingfisher have cast a dark spell over the civil aviation sector. Though the authorities speak of a normal situation, people have their own doubts.

Sumit Singh and Joydeep Hazarika

Doordarshan After 50 Years

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Doordarshan has just completed 50 years of in public television. With the launch of various private channels which are technically advanced and more entertaining the question lies whether doordarshan is still as popular as before...

Karishma Karki and Shilpi Batra report on the popularity of Doordarshan.

Delhi-The New Girl City

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For the first time ever, Delhi has set a record ratio of 1004 females for 1000 males. If the statistics are to be considered true, then the question is—how positive is the change? Does the improved ratio mean that our society has finally accepted girl child rights? Or is it only a mere number game? Listen to the audio story attached and see what the experts have to say.

Ad courtesy: - "Save the girl child" A Lupin and Fugsi initiative; Ads extracted from a presentation made by Lupin Femina, on the news, views, and opinions expressed by gynaecologists at AICOG 2009, Jaipur.

why dont they make it Public?

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Bar Council of India chairman S N P Sinha said recently that judges should declare their assets voluntarily without waiting for a legislation in this regard.
“Why are the judges shy? They should lead by example.” Sinha said.
Two hundred years of British exploitation extracted all our national resources. Our greatest achievement post-independence has been our democratic system. In a country where population is increasing at a fast pace and resources are limited, it becomes very difficult to ensure enough and fair share for everybody. Demand-supply imbalance tends to fuel corruption. In such a situation the responsibility of those whom we call public servants becomes extremely important.
It is expected on the part of those in public service that they do not compromise their responsibilities and do not fall in self-indulgence. To bring transparency in public life a bill was brought in the parliament in 2004, making it mandatory for People’s Representative to declare their assets before asking for votes. In continuation of the same spirit the government recently brought an act, for the judges to declare their assets. But the act didn’t ask for public declaration. This was something that fuelled discussions around the country with heated arguments on both the sides.
This radio package intends to present the different aspects of the same issue.

Common Wealth 2010-A maker or Breaker

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The Delhi government is totally on with its beautification process for the most awaited commonwealth games. Yamuna, the biggest source of drinking water for the city is also witnessing construction on its bank. Environmentalists term this construction as a killer. There are cases filed against this construction work. The stay order given by High Court was taken back supreme court took it back and gave green signal to the construction. There are people who support this and there are others who don’t. Is the construction really going to make the city world-class or will actually pose a threat to the River Yamuna……listen to the clip and find out……