Dipu, Kapou & Kinley

Jamia Millia Islamia is in news ever since two of the university’s students were arrested by the Delhi police on 20th Sept. The Vice-Chancellor of the University Mushirul Hasan has committed to provide legal aid to the two students. The offer has raised a major controversy in political circles.
Two Jamia students- Zia ur Rehman and Mohammad Shakeel, have been arrested for their suspected involvement in terror activities.

Peaceful march
More than 1,500 students of the University and many staff members took part in a peace march on Thursday in the University area led by the Vice Chancellor. “The peace march is aimed to fortify Jamia’s determination to condemn violence”, said Prof. Hasan.
As soon as the rally ended, a handful of supporters carrying banners of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad(ABVP) reached the University area, shouting slogans of “Long live N. C. Sharma” and condemning the Vice Chancellor’s move to “support terrorists”.

Police vigilant
A major scuffle was avoided when the police roped in and took control of the situation. The supporters of ABVP were brisked away in police vans. “What the university is doing is not right,” shouted one of the ABVP supporters referring to the proposal of Jamia University to provide legal aid to the arrested students.
Deputy Commisioner of Police (DCP), South Delhi, Hargobind Dhariwal rushed to the spot to make sure there was no untoward incident. He clarified that there were no arrests and the march was peaceful. When asked about the identity of the ABVP supporters, he said “They could be anyone. It could be that they are not students”.
Prof. Hasan urged his students to get back to their respective faculties. Security remained beefed up in the University area throughout the day.

Support for arrested students

The Executive Committee of Jamia Teacher’s Association (JTA) also announced their commitment to provide financial support to the two students of the University who have been arrested for their alleged involvement in terror activities. The JTA praised the University’s move to provide legal assistance to the two students. They further demanded from the University that “no disciplinary action should be initiated against the students unless they are proven guilty by the court of law.”