Interview by Kunal Majumdar

Dr Palash Sen is probably one of the first original Indian popstars. His band Euphoria is the only non-filmy band in the country that has four albums to its credit. It’s not just music or singing. A physician by profession, Sen also entered into the tinsel town of Mumbai with Meghna Gulzar’s directorial debut Filhaal. He claims to be brand faithful and believes the brands give the best of fabrics and fits.

What do you generally wear at home? Which are your favourite casual wear brands and why? Which are your favourite jeans brands?

When it comes to casual wear, I love Levis jeans. One of my huge favourite is Gap. I also like Diesel but the problem with these brands is you cannot make out the difference between an original and fake. I’m also a big fan of UCB.

Which is your favourite formalwear attire? Which are the formalwear brands that you admire and why?

I’m not much into formalwear. I have a sporty outlook when it comes to fashion. However, I like shirt and trouser fabrics from Raymond. I think shirts from Park Avenue and Zod are good. Usually for formalwear, I would like to get something stitched by a designer like Nikhil Shantanu.

What do you prefer for footwears – Chappals, slip-ins or shoes? Which are your favourite brands?

Aldo is my favourite. I love it because it is tough yet comfortable. I also like the normal Reebok, Nike and Adidas. I have a Caterpillar shoes which has lasted for years now.

Are you into accessories? Which are your favourite accessory brands?

I always wear a magalshutra and a silver bangle. When it comes to sun glasses, I prefer CK and Police. Tissot is my favourite among watches. I’m a belt guy and prefer the nice cloth belts from USB. For wallets, I like Highdesign.

Recently, I got myself the latest fragrance collections of new Diesel and Boss. I use underarm roll-ons by Bodyshop. It’s so good that I recommend it to everyone.

Which are your favourite innerwear brands?

I use innerwear from Diesel

Which is your favourite shopping store in the country and why?

Being a celebrity, it is difficult to shop in the country. So prefer abroad. Usually I shop wherever I go for my shows.

Which are the foreign brands that you love to see in India?

Most of the brands I like are already here. However, I think its time for the brands to start selling the best quality products in our country. Usually the foreign brands sell poor quality stuffs here in spite of the fact that most of the goods are sourced from India or the neighbouring Bangladesh or China.