bu Gaurav Shukla

It was not so long ago that the most revered member of Rajasthan’s aristocracy late Rajmata Gayatri Devi left her mansion to sit on a stretch of pavement to protest against the real estate developers who are aiming to change the skyline of this historic pink city Jaipur.

Her actions were only symbolic, but they clearly echoed the increasing anger amongst the conservationists at the damage being caused by rapid construction in one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country.

With the economic boom, the new explosion in building construction has altered the city’s character. Pink city is losing its distinction from other cities, as new Jaipur looks like any other city in India with similar architecture, with malls and multistory buildings covering its skyline.

Founded in 1727, Jaipur is known for its richness of palaces, forts, walled city area and the medieval maze of bazaars. Although major monuments have been benefited from restoration work, conservation experts are concerned that the rest of the historic city is drowning beneath new, often illegal, construction work.
The famous walled city of Jaipur has also not been left behind with this entire construction spree. Radical alterations are being made to the ancient buildings of old Jaipur without realizing the loss of its original architecture.

With each passing year, Jaipur is in less of gain and more of loss from urban modernization. The question of the peak hour is whether constructions done in a wide scale will leave Jaipur with its own identity which makes it memorable and popular as the Royal Pink City.