The Delhi government is trying its best to showcase the case of the city before the Commonwealth Games and the Anti Begging Drive seems to be another effort in the campaign.
Begging is a crime according to the Prevention of Begging Act 1959 and the government wants to get rid of the official 60,000 offenders before the Games begin. According to Chief Secretary Rakesh Mehta, the drive aims to rehabilitate the beggars in the city. Certain areas have been declared ‘zero-tolerance zones’ and the campaign is supposed to be implemented in areas such as Dhaula Kuan, Rajghat and AIIMS. The citizens are happy with this campaingn of the Government.This does not come as a surprise as begging still seems to be rampant in the city and the beggars completely unaware of any such drive.However, the Chief Secretary clarifies saying that the drive is being worked out in phases and the campaign is yet to become totally effective.