On 4th March, James Beveridge media resource centre of AJK Mass Communication Research Centre (AJK MCRC), Jamia Millia Islamia, organised a lecture by Vidura Jang Bahadur.

An independent photographer and alumnus of MCRC, Vidura spoke on his experiences in Chobi Mela V, an international festival of photography held in Bangladesh. He also talked about and showcased works of different photographers like Munew Wasif, Sohrab Hura and Saiful Huq Omi.

Shohini Ghosh, Sabeena Gadhioke and Sohail Akbar, faculty members of MCRC were also present at the lecture. The session was followed by a discussion with the students.

Vidura and Sabina share a light moment

Students and faculty members listen keenly to what he has to say

Vidura sharing his experience

Vidura listening to the students’ questions

Shohini Ghosh ans Sabina Gadioke involved in a discussion

Photo feature by : Gargi Nim