Namita Chhiba, a resident of Panchsheel runs her own garage at Ashrum. Despite being the daughter of RK Dhawan a busnessman of Vintage cars and rich enough to gift her daughter with a Mercedes Benz, the lady is happy to work day and night in the dingy atmosphere of the garage in order to aspire her father’s dream. Dhawan owns two garage set ups - one at Kilokri & the other at Noida under the name Engineer’s Corporation. Namita who has spent 20 years of her life with the garage workers, is a prominent example of Indian women in the busines sector. Even though a mother of two, her affection for the garage which she has been visiting since childhood has not lessened. She has now taken over her father’s business completely and spends most of the day in supervising both the set-ups.

Namita@work in Kilokri

Namita with her father (middle)

Explaining the job to be done

Namita’s workplace

A rear mirror view!

Tallying with the job sheet

The garage at Noida