When you have faithfully done all your duties towards the family and society , it is surely the time to celebrate and relax during your autumn years .It is not only for the government or society but your duty also to make your autumn years the best years …
Sheeba Naaz and Sumiran Preet Kaur have the story .

There is a big misconception as to what constitutes a happy and fulfilling retirement. Retirement is a personal experience and each retiree will have his. And for a fulfilling retirement, you need planning from before.
Two of the most populous states of the world, India and China share the world’s major proportion of the elderly. Current ratio in India is 1 old person in every 12 persons . By 2050 it will be 1 in 5 persons .The total population of the elderly in India will be 327 mn in 2050.
Pratap Singh, a businessman, in his ripe age of 85 says that there is no stopping once you decide to live your life to the fullest. “I play golf and exercise. I also work for NGO’s. But yes, I couldn’t have done it alone. Support and love from family are also the factors. Plus the face that I’m still earning in this age gives me a lot of confidence.”

B.K .Trehan in his book “Retired but not Tired” refers to the importance pf preplanning for the old age and adjusting and changing of the mindset before reaching the old age. He also writes as to how one should involve oneself in various activities after retirement. “The effort has to come from our side. The country is seeing an increase in the dependency ratio and this will continue to grow. The number of elderly persons is increasing by the day. We will have to pick the stick in our hands. We not only have to engage our selves with various activities after retirement but also continue to associate ourselves with NGOs that work to sensitize the society and put pressure on the government to address issues concerning the elderly. Moreover the rapid urbanization is leading to changes in lifestyle and mindset. We no more can sit back and say ‘our sons will take care of us’ and then finally not prepare for the old age. We have to come forward to help each other.” Trehan retired as a President from a major energy conglomerate in 2002. Yoga is his passion and he has been teaching yoga for the last 20 years. He has also authored three books concerned with Yoga and old age.

Shri J.R Gupta, 64, is the president of senior citizens council of Delhi. The council has more than 1200 members from all over Delhi. Shri Gupta has created a network of more than 500 active seniors citizens who live alone due to their children settled abroad.

NGO Help Age India works to create awareness among its members who are senior citizens and also suggests the government about what all improvements can be brought in the existing laws and schemes for the elderly. But they also insist that it is the responsibility of the individuals to be aware of their rights and make efforts in making the retiring years fruitful. The NGO also comes with a periodical “Happy Old Age” which highlights the problems of old age and also shares the main points of its researches.

Sunita Goddara runs a Recreational Centre for old people from lower income grouping Kalkaji. “We have keertan and bhajan sessions for them . We also arrange a meeting with a lawyer so that they can be made aware of the various rights and privileges . We also make it a point to play chess many times a week. It helps them rejuvenate.”

Ram Kumar Sharma ,58, a resident of Green park , runs a dance class session once a week where only the elderly practice and let their hair down “I’m alive and kicking till the day I die. This is and I will make the time of my life. Yes financial and emotional support is must to let me enjoy the ‘me time’.”

In short, if you prepare well in advance twilight years will not be bleak.