Theatre is a powerful medium to communicate one’s voice and angst against the wrongdoings and contemporary ills. With United States being accused by pacifists the world over for their democratic experiments and civil war in Iraq, the play, Baghdad burning came in handy for all the theatre lovers in Jamia Millia Islamia.
The performance saw packed auditorium for the intensity and clarity it exhibited. Based on the script written by Anuradha Shukla and direction by Kirti Jain faculty at National School of Drama, Delhi), the play aimed at highlighting the plight of Iraqi civilians.
The play was a comment on democracy, imperialism, oil wars, religious strife and American foreign policy. This photo feature is an attempt towards capturing the varied emotions and strong performances delivered by the actors.

Shadows in the background. In this scene the prison trials of Abu ghraib was replicated by the actors.

Intense helplessness. Help ness was rightly showed by these two ladies across the age extremes.

Series of order. These actors played out pawns of American interests. With each voicing the American interests in different words.

Ultimate power corrupts. These actors enacted the role of American power holders. the emphatic dialogues completed the assertion of meaning.