Azamgarh since last September has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The encounter of alleged terrorists in the infamous Batla House, had cast serious doubts amongst the Muslim community and civil society. With accusations being labeled and clamor for judicial probe from the first day, a situation of fear amongst the domiciles of Azamgarh living in Delhi was created by the state machinery.
29th January, 2009 witnessed the arrival of horde of Azmis (title used by Azamgarh people) in the capital at Jantar Mantar. This photo feature aims at addressing and representing the diverse emotions across the age spectrum during this peaceful procession.. The procession organized by Ulema Council (religious cleric) demanded justice and judicial probe on the tarnishing incident.

Subdued emotions. There were many like him who braved around 800 kilometer to show their concern against the witch hunting.

This old man looked tired and despaired with the speed of investigation.

God is not blind.

The grim face shows his confidence in positivity.