Kabir Bedi is perhaps the first crossover actor from India. Handsomely suave, he received great reviews for his title role in the Italian television series, Sandokan. Too dapper to be serenading lady loves around trees, he did some films for the Hindi film industry and achieved greater success abroad with memorable roles for both the big and the small screens in Thief of Baghdad, Octopussy, The Lost Empire and Dynasty. Bedi was recently awarded the Asian Jewel Award by the London-based Institute of British Asian Professionals. Still capable of setting hearts aflutter, he has been a style icon for decades now. Question him on his branded sartorial preferences and he retorts: “I am not a fashion victim. Fashion isn't about designer brands alone. It's about your personal sense of style. I am eclectic. I often mix and match high street labels with designer items. For the consumer, fashion should be an expression of the self”. He shares with Kunal Majumder his style secrets and favourite fashion brands.

Please share with us your definition of fashion

Fashion is expression. It embodies beauty and freshness. It gives newness to old forms and gives us new ways of expressing ourselves.

What do you generally wear at home? What is your favourite casual and jeans wear brand? And why?

During the day, I wear pleat less pants and jeans, with casual shirts and t-shirts that I never tuck in. I love Indian cottons, in all the colours of autumn leaves.

My favourite jeans wear brand is Armani. I have no brand favourites for casual wear, although in India I do like Colorplus. During the evening, I love wearing comfortable cotton kurta pyjamas at home.

Which is your favourite formal wear attire? Which are the formal wear brands that you admire and why?

Indian designer kurta pyjamas are my favourite formalwear attire. But I wear suits too. In India my suits are tailored for me, often with fabrics from Raymonds. I like Italian designer suits too, specially Armani, Cavali and Brioni. I admire the quality of their fabrics, their styles and cuts. Apart from Italian designers I also like London's Paul Boetang, he's really excellent.

What do you prefer for foot wears – Chappals, slip-ins or shoes? Which are your favourite brands?

I wear sandals and chappals with Indian clothing, lace-up shoes with suits, sneakers and slip-ins or loafers with jeans. I never compromise on formal shoes. They have to be well crafted, quality leather and comfortable. My favourite Italian brands are Prada, Rosetti and Ferragamo. Most brands don't make my size (12.5 / 47) and I'm always grateful to find shoes that fit me.

Which are the brands of watches that you possess? Which is your favourite watch and why?

I wear Rolex, Dunhill, Cartier and a Swatch for casual wear. My favourite is the Cartier because my daughter Pooja gave it to me. In India, Titan makes some great watches too.

Do you use any jewellery?

I don't wear jewellery. But I do like nice cuff-links and have acquired an interesting collection over the years.

Which are your favourite innerwear brands?

Soft cottons from Marks & Spencer and whatever else feels good.

Which is your favourite shopping destination outside India and why?

My favourite shopping destination is Los Angeles. The city has brands from all over the world in spacious shopping centres and most importantly, they stock my sizes. The prices are much cheaper than Europe. And parking is never a problem.

Which is your favourite shopping store in the country and why?

I'd like to reserve judgment on that. There are so many new stores I haven't seen yet. India is experiencing a retail revolution.

Do you use bags? Which is your favourite brand in this category and why? Please share with us the names of your favourite wallet brands?

I like leather satchels that can be hung from the shoulder and my favourite brand is Hidesign from Pondicherry. As for wallets, my brands keep changing. Currently I'm using Missoni and Mont Blanc.

Which are the foreign brands that you love to see in India?

Victoria Secrets!

Which are your favourite accessory brands?

Mont Blanc belts, card holders are my favourites. Italy is a great place to buy sunglasses – my favourites are Prada and Bulgari

Who are your favourite fashion designers and why?

I like all the major Indian designers, many are going international too. It was great to be in Italy to see Tarun Tahiliani's show at the Milan Fashion Week.