Sameera Reddy is considered one of the most stylish actors in the Hindi film industry. Though she has acted in almost 18 films in various Indian languages, people still recognise her due to her role as Sam opposite Anil Kapoor in Musafir. In an informal chit-chat with Kunal Majumder, Sameera reveals her style secrets.

On her Style Statement
Well, actually I am quite a moody dresser. I usually don’t follow what is in trend. Trends come and go, but you have to really know what suites you best!
A few days back, balloon dresses had come in. I remember how many people wanted to put me into it, same for my Bollywood movies. But if a dress does not suit me, I don’t wear it. You can’t force me. So I think my style is about really being comfortable in what I wear. Some thing which I don’t like, I would never wear it in my life.
On Indo-Western styles
One must know what to wear, when to wear and where to wear! But I prefer keeping the Indian and the western stuff separate. When you try to merge it, one sometimes gets confused. What happens is that people think that fusion brings in a lot of variety but you may sometimes miss out on the quality.
At a cocktail party
Cocktail party? I don’t know! I guess I’ll never go in torn jeans! Some times you know people think that Bollywood stars can wear whatever they want and it has to be accepted… (and they become style statements).
I don’t believe in it. I think a cocktail party is very special and classy and if you wear torn jeans… and sunglasses…Oh My God! I cannot understand how people wear sunglasses at night. You cannot look like an idiot!
Real You
I think in general the whole thing is a huge misconception that you have to live your image. The truth is that I am an introvert and a very quiet kind of a person! It is quite surprising that just because I did a Musafir the whole world thinks that I am a mad chick! I love spending time with my family, rather than going out and partying.
Food mantra
I hate cooking. If somebody can cook for me it would be great! I only make salads and stuff like that because I am a health freak. So what I cook for myself I can manage…but cooking Biriyani and all; that is not for me!
It is during the shoots one has to take really good care, because we realise that we are all spoilt with food! Whatever we ask ends up coming to the sets. So you have to be really careful. While shooting I eat a lot of salads, juices and fruits. I think eating light is better. I don’t know how people can eat big fat meals!
Controlling the Carving
Oh! Yes. Today in the morning when I woke up, I had a craving. I immediately called someone and asked for fruits. I always carry Khajoors, dry fruits and figs. Every time you take refined sugar in your body, your craving would increase. Your duty is not to touch refined sugar- chocolates and ice creams. Go for natural sugar like fruits and dry fruits
Fitness freak
For us, the people in the industry, fitness is everything! If you are fit you look better. A fit body makes you feel confident. Sometimes you wear clothes and you feel ‘Oh My God! it is not fitting me’. It’s because you are not feeling good about your shape. Fitness is all about feeling comfortable about your body. It is sometimes funny when people want to try size zero clothes, but they don’t have the body to carry it. I am a tall girl so I must choose my clothes according to the frame of my body. So fitness for me is a sense of endurance, a sense of how much you want out of your own body.
For healthy body
I do Yoga religiously and I also swim. When you are upset, yoga makes you feel very calm! Trust me it really works. (My routine includes) everything from yoga to gyming to kick boxing. Guys are scared of me you know! (giggles). I just keep aiming that I give my body proper exercise and rest everyday. It is very important for us to keep ourselves healthy because a lot depends on our health.
The thing called faith
It is very important for me at least ! It gives me confidence. I believe in a Universal energy. Doesn’t matter if you call him Allah, Ganesh, Buddha or Jesus. Though I am a Hindu, I am not a fanatic. I always believe that human beings should reach out to a Universal Energy for help all the time. And I believe religion is a kind of source that makes you believe that this kind of energy really exists. So I am spiritual but not fanatical about religion in particular.
For the peace of soul
I love sleeping, that helps me to get out of my frustrations. I love music. I relax with i-pod plugged into my ears. I cut myself off from the world. I am a kind of person who can switch off very easily. So if I am angry or upset, it does not matter I can handle it. No problem.
Time at home
As of now I have nothing called “Free time”. But I like spending time with my parents. The more I go out into the world, the more I realize that I need a family. So any free time I get , I like to spend it with them! Even if it means watching Saans bhi Kabhi Bahu thi with them! I just make sure that I give them quality time.
Hidden traits
I sleep walk, I talk in my sleep, I knit and I knit pretty well…
Style and fashion minister of India decrees…
I think we already have a style and fashion minister. He is Lalu Prasad Yadav. I think his hair style is really cool! He is really a trend setter!
On a serious note, I dislike the hypocrisy in this country when it comes to fashion. There is on one hand this “moral policing” about what the people should wear and then there are these music videos with half naked girls. What I would want is an overall concern about what people actually want. One should know how to handle the society. I don’t want an extreme cover up that is not good; neither do I support vulgar dances of girls wearing nothing on TV. I would want to maintain a sense of balance and understand what people can handle and what they can’t. I would give people the freedom to dress the way they want, and also keep in mind the values of the country.
Wardrobe you envy
Jennifer Lopez! Every time I see her, she is in her most amazing clothes and style.
Actor’s aspiration
As I said Jennifer Lopez is the best example. She inspires me as a dancer, as an actor. In terms of adaa , I really admire this Italian actor Monica Beluchchi. She is a mixture of Marlon Brando, Jackie Kennedy…she has got class, elegance as well as style. That is something I really admire.
Five makeup must haves for future Sameera Reddys
A mascara, a lovely gloss of fresh colour, light powder, a perfume and a brush.