What if you find that your gas cylinder has water filled in it? As if the delay in delivery of cylinders was not enough, consumers now have to cope up with LPG cylinders containing water.

Ms.Prakashwati , a housewife in Shahdara was surprised when her cylinder got over in less than 20 days when usually it lasts for a month. She later found out that her gas cylinder contained water. When Demo Gas Agency at Jhilmil, the Bharat Gas supplier, was called to complain about the problem, the attendant was even reluctant to give his name.

Pushpa Gupta, another housewife in Shahdara, who has a connection with Sahani Gas Agency in Karkarimore was faced with a similar problem. “I went and had an argument with the dealer but he did not replace the cylinder though it had water in it”, she exclaims. “Instead he started giving me a number of instructions to keep in mind while accepting cylinders”, she adds. She feels helpless now.

The situation is not new. The complaints board website, http://www.complaintsboard.com/ that lists complaints from consumers is replete with people facing such problems.

The Gas agencies however are reluctant to accept any such accusations. Harikrishan Gupta, owner of Hitesh Gas Agency who distributes Bharat Petroleum Gas in Karol Bagh area says “there cannot be water in gas cylinders. There are no such complains at least from the areas that we supply gas to”, he retorts.

Shyam Singh of Bharat Gas Service in Vasant Kunj on the other hand, agrees that such problems exist. “Often the delivery person indulges in such mischief, so that the gas supplied to consumers is less in quantity”.

Dr. K. Nayar of The Centre of Social Medicine and Community Health informs that there is no significant health hazard involved if LPG cylinders contain water. “If they are doing it, then it may be to earn some extra money”, he states.

Stung by skyrocketing global crude oil prices, the central government was forced to raise the price of LPG cylinders recently. People now have to shed extra bits from their pockets to meet the higher costs. Water in the LPG cylinders is adding extra burden on them.

Kapil Kumar, a lawyer registered at Tis Hazari Court says that legal action can be taken against the suppliers if their cylinders are found containing water. “They can be sent legal notice under the Consumer Protection Act for Deficiency of Service and Defective Goods”, states the legal practitioner.

But, consumers like Pushpa prefer not to go to the court for such petty matters. She would rather quarrel with the supplier who rarely listens.
Report:Dipu Shaw & Gargi
Photos: Babu& Rozy Ibrahim