By: Kinga Dema and Saurabh Sharma
Fresh beginning
On Aug 8, the AJK Mass Communication Research Centre (AJKMCRC) of Jamia Millia Islamia bore a festive look as its gates were thrown open for freshers. The Ansari auditorium was full of excited students, curious to know more about the institute and each other. These students who had just passed out from their easygoing college days of graduation were full of high spirits. Their energy invigorated the atmosphere of the campus.

The new session started with a lecture on “Media in the 21st century – Roles and Responsibilities”. The key speaker was A.G. Noorani, the well-known lawyer, historian and political commentator. Even the rain couldn’t stop the staff members and the present students of the Centre from turning up. The session was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of the university Prof Mushirul Hasan. The director of the Centre Dr. Iftekar Ahmed welcomed the distinguished guests.

The session began on a serious note. AG Noorani threw light on how the contemporary media is in a bad state. “Corporatisation has peeped into the present media practices. Our news is slanted towards a western opinion. Press council has become ramshackle, whereas electronic media acts like an unbridled horse” said Noorani. The lecture was followed by interjection and a tea session.

But on the other side of the dais expressions of excitement and apprehension were evident on the faces of ‘fucchas’. “My expectation from this course is very high. I hope the next two years would be of learning and fun,” says Shariq Naqvi, who got admission in MA Convergent Journalism. His views were echoed by Ankita Khare, a student from the same course. (add hyperlink)

Many foreign faces also became a part of the institute this year. Students from France, Nepal and Tanzania will rub their shoulders with their Indian counterparts. Windsor, a student from France shares views “India is getting recognized across the globe. The reporting on India has grown exponentially in the western media. So, it’s a golden opportunity to know about this country from length and breadth.”

In the end of the day, many students went to see their classrooms and labs and had word with their seniors. With dreams in their eyes, the new students are rearing to go.

A Radio story by Saurabh Sharma and Kinga Dema